Train Togther

Train together – Planning a one to one program.

This is from my series of the 7 lessons that rugby can teach relationship marketing and is a sub section of train together.

In rugby we train as specialists in different skills and these skills can be practiced in groups but also 1:1. I used to jump and catch the ball at a line out. I needed to get the timing of my jump in coordination with the person throwing the ball in (the hooker). This was before lifting by others was allowed so we would practice the timing just the two of us so that when we were ready to play our timing lead to great execution (or at least that was the plan and it worked much of the time).

Using one to one meetings to build your relationships is a similar process. You need to find out a lot of information about somebody before you can refer the correctly and more importantly effectively. Passing dud referrals to people is not productive for them or you no matter how well intentioned that is.

Just like any discipline building a relationship takes time and I suggest that you plan to have at least 3 one to ones with any contact before you consider moving them into your referral partner list. These one to one meetings fit into 3 basis areas.

1. A getting to know you one to one.
This first one to one meeting is just about finding out more about somebody. At the end of it you should have talked at least about the following things.

  • Their Interests – find out if you have any in common as it really helps your relationship
  • Their goals and dreams – ask them to explain why they do what they do
  • Their experience – are they an expert in what they do, what is their track record?
  • Where else do they network?
  • Some family information – “So tell me about your family, do you have kids?”

2. The tell me the detail

If the 1st one to one has gone well and you want to continue your relationship book this one to one either in the first meeting or very soon after. In the 2nd one to one meeting you can dig a bit deeper and get updates. The purpose of this one to one is to see if there is low hanging fruit where you might be happy to make a connection because it is such a good fit. Go prepared with your contact database and your diary so you can make appointments and call potential referral contacts.

3. The referral partner one to one

By the time you have agreed to an arranged a 3rd one to one you can be fairly certain that this relationship will be mutually beneficial.

In this one to one where you again discuss updates. There will be family, business, interest, achievement and referral updates to discuss. One of the most important things to discuss is how the referrals you passed last time worked out.

At the end of your one to one agree some actions and book your next one to one. You then repeat this type of one to one for the duration of your relationship. Remember to consider each time “is this relationship still right for us” and then if not make the necessary changes.

Just how often you meet will depend on your personal time available and the quality and productivity of your relationship. Great referral partner relationships may need monthly meetings with weekly phone calls. Other may be OK with quarterly meetings or longer, the chose is yours. Just remember never to over commit and under deliver.

Finally consider that all I have said is a two way relationship and that the best relationships have balance.

In the next blog I will talk about how often you should train on new skills.