Team line up

This is from my series of the 7 lessons that rugby can teach relationship marketing and is a sub section of create a good team around you.

It seems obvious but many of us play with the wrong people and develop relationships in the wrong areas. Look to find people that believe in the same culture as you do, do not rush into getting “team mates” take your time to get to know people and decide if they are a good fit for you.

So how do we find people who believe what we believe? Well in rugby it is simple we find a rugby club and join in. There is however in most areas a choice of rugby clubs and you would be best advised to try different clubs to get a perfect fit, but in general if they like rugby you will like them.

So how does that fit with relationship marketing? Well there are plenty of opportunities to meet with business people and in many different ways. It is harder in business to find people who believe what you believe. The first step is to work out what you believe is the right type of business relationship for you. This may also change over time. So what type of relationship are you looking for? Use this list and rate them 1 – 10.

1. Business Support
2. Social contacts
3. Referrals
4. Business education
5. Relationship marketing education
6. Giving back to the community
7. Support services
8. Personal Development
9. Giving to others
10. Visibility

You can of course add your own types in. I suggest that you focus on your top 3 or less if you have stand out items on your list.

Once you know what you are looking for in your relationships then look for people who offer that and most importantly people who believe like you do that this is important to business people. You will need to see evidence in process and behaviour that support your gut feel.

Using this process you will have a better idea of who should be in your team at any point in time. Whatever you do please do not rush this process there really is no need to rush relationships, let them develop.

I wish you the very best in your team selection

P.S. You can of course just go for a random act of networking and “join in” with just anybody. Random acts of networking are not a bad thing and are the subject of another of my blogs.