Relationship Marketing - Tips

You can never make more time so we don’t want to waste the time we have been given. Make some goals for your networking. Make big ones, small ones, outrageous ones and practical ones. Make a list of what you want to achieve to reach your vision of you in the future. Make your networking goals part of your overall goal planning.

Review these goals every day so that they are upper most in your mind and so that each day you take a step towards achieving your goals. How does your networking fit into your over all goals?

Examples of networking goals are.

  • Number of 121 meetings each month
  • Number of meeting I want to attend each month
  • Number of referrals I wish to give each month
  • Number of referrals I wish to receive in a given time frame
  • Number of referral partners by when
  • How I will reward myself when I hit my goals?
  • How many people I will employ?
  • How will I give back to my community?



Julian Lewis is an Executive Director with Business Networking International (BNI). He has over 10 years of practical experience in referral marketing and business networking for profit and pleasure. He regularly talks to audiences internationally about the power of referral networking. He is also a professional MC helping delegates get the most out of conferences and audiences enjoy awards ceremonies.