Relationship Marketing - Tips

Business networking and referral marketing has been studied for over 30 years now and there are numerous books covering the subject. In addition there are masses of online resources. Invest some of your time in reading and taking action based on this body of work. Some of my favourites are:


  1. Book – Networking like a Pro – Dr Ivan Misner
  2. Book – The Unnatural Networker – Charlie Lawson
  3. Book – The 29 Per Cent Solution – Dr Ivan Misner
  4. Book – The Jelly Effect – Andy Bounds
  5. Blog –
  6. Blog –


Julian Lewis is an Executive Director with Business Networking International (BNI). He has over 10 years of practical experience in referral marketing and business networking for profit and pleasure. He regularly talks to audiences internationally about the power of referral networking. He is also a professional MC helping delegates get the most out of conferences and audiences enjoy awards ceremonies.