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Most things worth having have a price and networking is no different. When done on purpose networking is worth that price. The cost of networking is far more than the membership fee or the fee on the door, the cost also includes your time and your intellectual effort. All of these costs could be spent elsewhere.

Sometimes I do wonder about the time argument. People tell me they do not have time to network and I wonder what they do instead. Some people stay in bed others watch TV and this is fine if that is aligned with your goal.

Successful people realise that there is a price to pay for success and not only are they willing to pay that price they are more driven by the fact that if they pay the price then they must look for a return. This means that once you accept the price also strive for the return. Not just any return a massive return, turn £2000 into £100,000 or £5000 into £500,000.

Whatever your figures are, think big!

Julian Lewis is a portfolio entrepreneur; he is the UK National Director for Influencers International a global movement which inspires good people to create good business. He is also an Executive Director of BNI the world’s largest referral organisation. In 2000 he started his IT company Positive Computing which has been profitable every year since.