Rugby Union shows teaches us about relationships

Relationship Marketing is simple; it’s just not easy. How many things in your life are you really good at, what are the things that over time you have become good at or you are just a natural at?

For me it is rugby right from the first time I picked up a rugby ball I could play and I could contribute. Because I was good at it I practiced and I played and over time I became better and could contribute more. I had a very successful time playing for my local side. Other things that I have tried such as golf for instance were not the same. The first time I picked up a club it was a disaster and I needed a lot of help and practice just to get “competent” and even then I have not been excited enough about playing to play enough or practice enough to become any more than competent.

Developing relationships in business for me was never natural but I did enjoy it right from the start and I wanted to learn more and practice more. This was one of the reasons I joined BNI (Business Network International) so that I could learn from the best and practice every week. Now that I teach relationship marketing and business networking I often get approach by people who like what I say but they confess that they have never put it into action. It is a common mistake that we all make, me included. We hear lots of great things and resolve to implement them all in the next week. Then we get overwhelmed by the size of the task we have taken on and by other day to day tasks and the time we invested in education is lost.

For education to succeed educators need to give us byte size chunks that we can digest and us as pupils need to commit to implement the best piece of advice week on week and month on month. Eventually good implementation of advice becomes just normal practice and we can take on more change.

So what is the one thing that you have been meaning to implement and what can you do today to start a new habit, just the best one thing you can do to help you reach your goals. Best of Luck.