Introduce a client

I just received this testimonial from Fiona Brunton from the Brunton Consultancy Ltd.

“Julian recently undertook a speaking engagement for me on the subject of networking at a small event with about 20 delegates (all of whom are suppliers to the recruitment industry). He helped us to think about networking in a range of different ways and to explore how we might do more business together going forward. His leadership of the session was practical and useful and left us all with some good ideas to implement”

It was great to meet the group and explore with them how they might be able to help each other even more then they already do. By the end of the master class I witnessed people booking to meet with each other and talk about future referral partnerships. It is always exciting when existing relationships change so that business can help each other.

The session focused on the fact that if we share the same type of customers then we can find opportunity for each other in a way that promotes both business to future success.

I invite you to think about who you know who share the same types of customers as you. Could you introduce them to a new prospect for their business?