Professional Speaker on Influence
Thought Provoking and Effective

I specialise in delivering thought provoking messages and effective take-away tools on behalf of my clients in a humorous and down to earth style that your audiences can easily relate to. I am a global ambassador and Inspirationalist for Influencers International

If you are looking for inspirational and engaging presentations and masterclasses that help people, at all levels then I am a safe pair of hands. After working with me my clients are empowered to create positive change in their workplace and personal lives.

Stop Selling Start Influencing

  • Treating people “right”
  • What is your DNA?
  • The elements that wins business

Influence and its place in modern business

  • Influence in the digital playground
  • Peel off your onion layers –  Influence in your personal brand
  • Toolkits that will influence your network

Are you serious about your relationships?

  • Your personal circle of influence
  • Get the right people in your circle
  • Team selection – when and how


  • Stop Selling; Start Influencing – Sales success for quick results 
  • Influence and its place in modern business – High energy team success
  • Are you serious about your relationships? – Creating personal circles of Influence
  • The 10 steps to business influence – systems for success

Ongoing Programs

Education is vital to successful companies investing in people is one of the best investments any company can make. Great people drive great companies. Via the Influencers International movement  Julian delivers personal and business success systems that unlock the aspirations that we all have! By starting on a path to becoming an Influencers International Influencer which is an ongoing success movement you will achieve the goals you set yourself.