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This is from my series of the 7 lessons that rugby can teach relationship marketing and is a sub section of train together. In rugby we train in various different formats. These are individual, as a squad, as a team and in smaller units. Each format is designed to focus on different skills and skill sets as well as preparation and maintenance of your individual skills and conditioning. In order to maintain your ability to contribute to the team and to be successful a rugby player needs to train regularly in each of these formats.

1. Individual training. Rugby players train in the gym, at home and on the road, mainly concentrating on personal conditioning. Some who have particular individual skills such as throwing or kicking will spend hours perfecting these skills.

People looking to build and maintain personal profitable relationships also need to prepare and remain in good condition. The type of things that we can prepare include the following.
– Our list of top 10 specific target companies
– Our list of great questions to ask that will generate referrals
– An up to date profile of our skills, interests, experience and networks

You should also maintain your knowledge of business networking by reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts etc.

2. Squad and team training. Rugby players will do squad sessions that build up skills and this often included the basic skills that need to be consistently good to succeed. Referral marketing is no different. Get together with as many of your network or your referral partners as you can. This way you can learn and practice skills. Examples of suitable training events include.
– Seminars
– Conferences
– Expert Talks
– Exhibitions

3. Smaller group training Rugby lends itself for smaller groups to train on specific skills, especially on how they work together as a team within a team. To build and maintain a personal network you can use various smaller events to keep your skills sharp. Examples of smaller training events.
– Group one to one’s with experts
– Mastermind groups
– Meet with other small groups to exchange ideas and techniques

These networking tips are brought to you by Julian Lewis. Julian is an Executive Director with Business Networking International (BNI). He has over 10 years of practical experience in referral marketing and business networking for profit and pleasure. As an expert speaker on personal team he regularly talks to audiences internationally about how to harness the power of your network to build your personal success team. He is also a professional Emcee (MC) helping delegates get the most out of conferences and audiences enjoy awards ceremonies.